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Friday, January 22, 2021
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Andover Neighbourcare

Providing Help & Assistance to the Community



Andover Neighbourcare is a local charity providing a wealth of services to the local and wider community.


We offer help with Transport, Shopping, Cleaning, Gardening, Relieving carers, Internet Training and much much more.

Silver Surfers Internet Cafe

Internet Tuition For The Over 40's & The Disabled

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The Silver Surfer Internet Café was set up by Andover Neighbourcare for the over 40’s and the disabled in Andover & surrounding villages with the purpose of getting people on-line, overcoming technology fears and assisting in eradicating digital exclusion. 


This project has made a significant difference to many older people in Andover and even transformed the lives of some. 


The facility not only provides access to modern computing facilities and all that goes with access to the internet but also provides assistance and training in use of the technology in an appropriately friendly learning environment. 

"This café is a model of what should be happening in every town in England” - Sir George Young (Local MP)


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