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Sunday, January 24, 2021
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Our History


Andover Neighbourcare has been operating since 1992, its formal remit is: To relieve persons resident in the area of benefit who are in need by reason of their age, disability, sickness or poverty by the provision of such voluntary care work as may be charitable.

Andover Neighbourcare is a charity offering many differing services to predominantly older people in Andover and the surrounding villages.  These services include: transport to doctors, hospitals and clubs; a ‘fix it’ scheme; cleaning; gardening; shopping; meals-on-wheels referrals; lunch clubs; a friendship club;  a drop-in centre; health and general information; minibus hire and outings.  The services are provided principally by volunteers and are therefore highly cost-effective; consequently, they not only provide much needed assistance to older people in Andover but also assist in keeping down local taxes.

In 2010 Neighbourcare set up a Silver Surfer Café for the over 50’s in Andover & surrounding villages with the purpose of getting people on-line, overcoming technology fears and assisting in eradicating digital exclusion.  This new service is also used to complement some of the other Andover Neighbourcare services such as Early Stage Dementia Stimulation, reducing social isolation, building individual’s confidence and personal development, as well as overcoming some barriers to learning and employment.   In April 2012 the Silver Surfers Café was recognised as a Disabled Specialist IT Centre.  As of July 2012 we have trained over 880 clients to get online, use e-mails, Skype and also understand basic online public services. This exciting project has already made a significant difference to many people in Andover and even transformed the lives of some people.

In July 2012, Neighbourcare’s Silver Surfers Internet Café produced a community website for Andover that is intended to benefit the Andover Community, local businesses, senior citizens and local charities. It is also envisioned that the website (AndoverInfo.Org.uk) will be an innovative fund raising mechanism for the Silver Surfers Internet Cafe and other Andover charities.

The fund raising is intended to be achieved by providing very low cost webpages to local firms, large and small, enabling them to have individual webpages (descriptive texts, links to existing websites, maps, directions, photography and short videos) and an internet "search engine" presence.

The Silver Surfers Internet Cafe will be the primary recipient of funding (and responsible for production and maintenance of website.  Above a £5k threshold, 20% of all profits will be distributed to other charities within Andover.  In the event that Neighbourcare ceases to exist then all proceeds and responsibilities will be transferred to another appropriate Andover charity.

Benefits to Andover Community:

  • Provides single website that connects many websites useful to people of Andover.
  • Easily locate businesses and services in Andover.
  • Promote Andover and its businesses to wider audience
  • Promote Andover clubs, activities and facilities
  • Provide funding to local Charities
  • Fund internet training for Andover senior citizens and disabled citizens.

Benefits to Andover Businesses:

  • Easily locate businesses and services in Andover.
  • Promote Andover businesses to wider audience
  • Low Cost Advertising
  • Helping local charities
  • Helping local community
  • Helping Andover senior citizens and disabled citizens
  • Search Engine presence
  • Own Web Pages
  • Links to own website